Notary Public

1. Fill out an Application (Notary Application)
A. You must be a resident of Geneva County to apply with this county.
B. Please be sure to use your legal name. Your name on the bond and application must match your drivers license; so if you have a middle name on your drivers license, it must be included (or at least the middle initial). 
C. Do not use initials for both first and middle name.
D. Please be sure that your signature is legible – we must be able to verify name.
E. Whether you are first time applying or renewing, you are required to have three people to sign with you. (They are only signing that they know you, they are not under any other obligation.)
2. Take the Application to your insurance company to obtain bond

A. The Notary Bond must be in the amount of $25,000.00.
B. Please be sure that your name is the same on the bond, application and signature as it is on your Drivers License.

3. Record the Bond

A. The application must accompany the bond to the recording office.
B. The recording fee is $29.00.
C. Once recorded, your commission will start – it will be 4 years from the date shown on the bond.

4. Notary Seal

A. Your Notary Seal can be obtained from most office supply companies.
B. Please be sure your name is the same on the seal as it is on the application and bond.

5. Certificates

A. Once recorded, you will receive your Notary Identification Card.
B. Please look over the card and be sure your name is correct.

6. Renewal

A reminder is not sent from our office to renew your notary.

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