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Paying Your Property Tax

If you purchased property during the year, you need to make sure the taxes are paid. The tax bill will usually be in the previous owner’s name. You are responsible for taxes on all property you own, no matter how the tax bill may be listed.

Tax bills are not required, but a courtesy provided by this office.

Payment may be made as follows:

(a) You may come to the Revenue Commissioner’s Office and make payment in person by cash, check or money order.

(b) You may pay by mail, with check or money order to:

Mary Ann Ellison, Revenue Commissioner

P.O. Box 326

Geneva, AL 36340

(c) Ask your mortgage company to pay your bill.

(d) Pay property tax online or by phone (855) 232-9043.

This gives you the ability to pay your property taxes at your convenience, anytime day or night; the convenience of paying from your home, work or anywhere that you have access to the internet or phone. The online option gives you the opportunity to pay your taxes securely using either your  credit card or a debit card. A 2.50% convenience fee will be applied. This is not a fee charged by the Revenue Commissioner’s Office, it is charged by Paymentus as a convenience fee.

To pay your property taxes online, CLICK HERE.

When Taxes Are Not Paid

Each year any parcel with unpaid property taxes will be auctioned off at a public sale at the County Courthouse. Individuals who come to the sale and buy the tax liens are issued a “Certificate of Purchase.” If no individual buys the tax lien, a “Certificate of Purchase” is made out and delivered to the State Land Agent.

The property owner has three years from the date of the tax sale to redeem the property from the Revenue Commissioner’s Office by paying all taxes and costs. If the property was bought at the tax sale by an individual and the owner does not redeem it within three years from the date of the sale, the individual who purchased the property at the tax sale is issued a tax deed.

Property that sells to the state for taxes can be redeemed at any time until the state transfers the certificate to an individual who makes application to purchase from the state. The state can transfer a certificate at any time after the tax sale until the owner redeems the property. If the state transfers the certificate before the three year redemption period is up, the owner may still redeem the property. As stated above, the certificate holder is entitled to a tax deed after three years from the date of the tax sale.

After a tax deed has been issued, redemptions can no longer be made in the Revenue Commissioner’s Office. The property owner must resort to a court of law to reclaim the property.

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